Result of Fisty Cuffs 2

  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  Championship   Chaos All-Stars  Chaos Renegade
  2nd place   The Purple Stain  Daemons of Khorne
  3rd place   Top Run  Elven Union
  Most Touchdowns   Top Run  Elven Union
  Most Injuries   Chaos All-Stars  Chaos Renegade

  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  Most Casualties     Zy-Nox  Minotaur
Chaos All-Stars
  Most Touchdowns     Hollywood Bounty (40000 gp) Elf Catcher
Top Run
  Season MVP     Maverick 2  Elf Blitzer
Top Run
  Season MVP     Iceman  Elf Blitzer
Top Run
  Season MVP     Sark Four Eyes  Renegade Skaven
Chaos All-Stars
  Most Completions     Brug  Orc Thrower
Greenskins and Spam

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